Auto Accident Insights

Suggested Steps To Take After An Auto Accident


Pull Over.

Make sure that you are in a reasonably safe place to get out of your car if possible.


Call The Police.

Even if it is a small accident, it helps to have a police report to figure out who is at fault during the accident.


Stay Calm And Don't Overreact With The Other Driver.

Make sure the other person is okay. Accidents happen. Keep the situation calm and do not admit guilt or apologize. You never know what could be used against you later.


Exchange Insurance Information.

Make sure you get a valid insurance card. Look at the dates to make sure that the expiration date is a future date.


Take Lots Of Pictures.

Take pictures of the intersection and road where the accident occurred. Take pictures of the other person's vehicle. Take pictures of your vehicle. Make sure you document as much as you can.


Gather Witness Statements.

You can record these or have them write them down. Witness statements are the most accurate right after the incident. The more you gather, the better proof you'll have, and the more likely the truth will be to come out in the claims process.


Get A Policy Report From The Officer On Scene.

He or she may not be able to give it to you right then, but at least get the case # so you can call and request it later.


Go Home And Compile Everything.

Get ready for all of the questions that the claims adjustor is going to ask you.


If You Are Not At Fault In The Accident, You Do Not Have To File A Claim With Your Insurance. Most People Do Not Know That. However, If You Want To Use Your Medpay Or PIP, You Will Need To File The Claim.

You can also file the claim later if the other person’s insurance gives you the runaround or is difficult when processing everything. Once you file a claim with your insurance, then everything is taken out of your hands. The two insurance companies work together to decide what needs to be paid and by whom.


Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself If You Are At Fault.

Accidents happen, and the best thing to do is move forward and learn from your mistakes. Realize what you did wrong and try not to do it again.

Disclaimer: These are suggested steps to take based on my prior experience in dealing with them.

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